Leverage CMS and Platform

Website and marketing platform

I’ve run Brolik’s proprietary CMS and website platform for 7 years.

Leverage started as a CMS and “website starter kit” that helped us make better websites faster at Brolik. It’s evolved into a full digital marketing platform.

Leverage was an early decoupled CMS, a practice that is only now becoming industry standard. Over the years, it’s evolved into more than a CMS, and it’s currently getting one of its largest overhauls to date.

Leverage on 3 Devices

Leverage Admin Interface

Leverage is used by hundreds of Brolik’s clients, and we’ve been iterating on it with each project.

My role

When Leverage started, there were only five or so employees, so I coded everything myself. Today, I oversee various Leverage teams. I still get to write some code myself, but I mostly guide the overall project.