September 27th 2016

10 Second Reads Weekly Emails

There is a lot of great email newsletter content out there. 

For instance, I read every blurb (and most links) on Benedict's Newsletter from Benedict Evans.

Jason Calacanis bet on email with Inside, including my favorite emails each day, the Launch Ticker, and various niche newsletters.

Josh Spector's 10 Ideas Worth Sharing (I signed up when it was A Person You Should Know) is amazing.


I love the content, but I also love the medium. I can save emails until I'm ready, I can group them to catch up on a bunch at once, and I can search them all in the same place.

Naturally, I have an email list of my own. Everyone should have an email list.

Instead of sharing lengthy content or lists of links, I created a simple weekly email with literally no excuse to skip it.

10 Second Reads is a weekly comment on tech, an explanation of a trend, or a unique marketing tip. And that's it.

Sign up today to get your first email on Wednesday morning.

And please, let me know what you think of the idea!

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