September 12th 2012


The video on Apple's website for the iPhone 5 is on point this time around. They really know how to sell it.

The cool thing, though, is that everyone who always buys the newest Apple stuff (in a healthy or an unhealthy way), will soon get a life boost. A little 1up. We get to know that soon some things are going to be a little easier and/or more convenient, and we're going to then expect those things and hold other things to a higher standard.

It's like witnessing human progress in a single moment (no matter how many moments actually went into creating it).

And that's true right down to the manufacturing processes, as shown in the video.

By the way, I almost didn't write this because I didn't want to sound like a fanboy. And, truly, I'm not a devotee. But I'm loving most things Apple is doing so far, and I definitely strive for their standards of usability and craft in my own work.