August 1st 2015

A New Name

(image from Moz's Chrome extension)

I owned for years. I'm not sure why I gave it up. I was in college.

Since I let it go, it's been taken and not used by someone else.

I've tried emailing. I've tried getting it on auction.

The owner just keeps auto-renewing and not answering my emails.

Lately, I've felt nostalgic about my connection to truedrew.

It was more than a domain for me. It was my AOL Instant Messenger name, my username for a bunch of more current services, and it was even my college email address (

I wanted the domain back. I like, but I love truedrew.

Since I can't get .com, I've settled for .co, which I'm actually starting to like better. It feels more modern.

Here's to the future.