October 24th 2015

Belief Statements

This is inspired by Josh Spector's A Person You Should Know. I highly recommend getting the daily email.

Each person is formatted similarly to what follows, and each thought often links to an article or video. So, my goal is write an article for each or most of these statements about what I believe. 

Generally, I believe...

  • In working harder and working smarter... but not working longer.

  • That if any human on Earth has created or achieved something, I can create or achieve it, and so can anyone else.

  • That progress comes from questioning everything and accepting only the best experience.

  • That we have limited time, and choosing projects is almost as important as building projects.

  • That as we get older, it takes work to keep up with trends and technology, but it always pays off.

  • That working for five minutes is better than pushing off starting.

  • That everyone has weakness, and successful people learn to work with their weaknesses instead of fighting against them.

  • It's all about timing.

  • It's all about context.