August 21st 2017

Marketing as UX

If marketers thought more like user experience designers (and crafted the experience of being marketed to), marketing would be more effective.

All it takes is for the marketer to imagine "using" an ad, some content, or some outreach from the perspective of... well, anyone but the marketer.

Sometimes I do this quick exercise with clients... I ask: "If you weren't associated with X, and you saw X as you were scrolling down Facebook, would you even consciously register it?"

If they're unsure, I point out they do exactly that to every other ad tens or even hundreds of times a day.

That doesn't mean we shouldn't advertise- just like form abandonment doesn't mean we shouldn't use forms- it means we should think about how to make the marketing experience unobtrusive, useful, enjoyable, and understandable... and maybe even exciting.