April 3rd 2017

Right Now

I haven't written here in a while.

I'm writing something interesting for Smashing Magazine right now, and I just published a few things on the Really Simple Store Medium publication.

That's not why I haven't been writing here, though. I've just been busy.

Here's what I'm working on right now...

Really Simple Store

I'm focusing on this. My wife and I decided to go all in, so that means trying to cut back on consulting... which means less income... so Really Simple Store has to grow fast.

Really Simple Store has been around for a few years, but it was an ecommerce API for myself and some friends. It has since evolved into a platform built on top of that API. I want to run it more like a SaaS product and less like a traditional website product.

So far I built a full CMS for the website part and rebuilt all of the store dashboard inside of it. It's a really nice little project.

opened up real signups  (a big step if you want people to sign up), and as I mentioned, I created the Medium publication as a blog to update people on the company and give it a voice.

I also decided on pricing to launch with. My intel's been all over the place on pricing, and I feel like it's personal and lifestyle-dependent. So here's the official pricing ($15/mo plus one time upgrade fees).

I also created a free Google Sheet for doing simple income/expense accounting. I'm using it as a lead magnet for now, but I want to integrate it into the dashboard as part of the $15/mo in the future.

Then lastly, I'm in the process of finishing Really Simple Goals, which is a goals app that helps balance work, life, and a business on the side. This will also be a lead magnet. I'm thinking that it's free to store your goals on your device, but to share them cross-device requires an account (and I get the email).

All of these things focus around Really Simple Store's mission: to help makers make a living.

I like this idea a lot, and the maker moniker is growing.


In other news, I thought I'd give a quick shout out to one of my consulting clients. They're called Baby Travel Inc. and they create and curate travel-related products for babies and parents. Recently, they were telling me about the certifications and quality standards they're meeting for their own products, and it's mind-blowing.

They really have the right idea, and their team is crushing social media. I'm looking forward to seeing how it grows.

Banks and Indie

Lastly, we're still going strong with Banks and Indie, our "thoughtful products" side project. We recently sold a few wallets in addition to the dog collars (we now have 3 styles). We've mostly been just taking orders because Really Simple Store is priority right now. Part of the big picture plan, however, is that since Banks and Indie is on the platform, they'll both grow together and help inform each other. More on that later.