November 9th 2012

The New Connection Lite Brite

As any good indie rock band should, The New Connection came up with a nostalgic and share-worthy concept for their album cover. An original 1960s Lite Brite photo.

I helped create the artwork, and I'd planned on writing a story about the process (it was an involved one). Since I didn't, here's an abridged version.

1. We needed a plan. I created a web-based Lite Brite application so members of the band, their friends/girlfriends, and I could simulate and save complicated Lite Brite designs. Here's the winning design.

2. As you may be able to tell, the design spans 6 Lite Brite boards (4 full boards and 2 half boards). We only had one. We ordered hundreds of the plastic pegs, but we were still amazingly short on lights, and we had to build the design 2-6 lines at a time. Here's a photo of a couple lines, followed by a full board that we Photoshopped together.

3. In the end it took nearly 24 hours to physically create the image (after we'd settled on the design), but the final result speaks for itself. Here it is.

Here's Matt and I working on it, just for good measure.

The album on Spotify