June 7th 2017

The Story of my Latest for Smashing

An article I wrote was recently published on Smashing Magazine- The State of Advanced Website Builders.

I've been thinking about the topic for a very long time. I actually believe that Squarespace and Wix are coming for us even faster than I let on in the article.

In fact, my first draft was much "darker," and I went through several rounds of editing with several different editors at Smashing, including Vitaly himself, to finally arrive at a more appropriate tone.

In the end, the article is much better for it- optimistic and actionable- and the comments were generally positive (except one that accused it of being a sponsored post...).

Unfortunately, though, I think a lot of readers missed the intent of my original message. Our industry is changing.

As I'm hearing feedback, my mind is opening to counter arguments, and my thoughts on the subject have seriously evolved, but I still wonder if and when a more ominous version of this article is appropriate. Maybe it's not.

Or maybe it could help a lot of people.

Ultimately, whether I convey my message or not, the most important thing I can do personally is act on my prediction. (I have.)

The most important thing you can do, too, is act on your own beliefs. If you agree that the future of websites is SaaS, start selling websites that way. If you don't... don't. In either case, predicting it alone means very little (unfortunately).


My career (and life) changed when Gary Vaynerchuk answered a question related to this idea... predicting/writing vs acting on it... I posted about it here.