Conversion Optimization for Product Pages

from Drew Thomas

If you run an ecommerce store...

...your sales formula is simple: traffic × conversion rate


I can tell you how to improve your conversion rate, which will improve your total sales (without increasing traffic).

Drew Thomas

I’m Drew Thomas, and I’m an ecommerce expert. I’ve run a web design and digital marketing agency for the last 13 years, and I run several of my own ecommerce stores.

For $1,000, I’ll do a valuable and actionable teardown of your ecommerce product page. I'll tell you specifically how to increase your site's conversion rate. The report focuses on three main categories:

We'll look at five key areas of your product page to increase conversions:

This service is far more valuable than $1,000, especially over the lifetime of your ecommerce website.

Consider this example:

You get visitors to your site each month, and your product page-to-sale conversion rate is %.

Your average sale is $, so you net $3,600 from website traffic each month.

If I help you increase your conversion rate by %, you net $4,800 each month.

In this example, the service pays for itself in one month by increasing sales by $1,200 per month. That’s a 1440% return on investment in the first year.

Hopefully I’ve piqued your interest. Here's a sample report so you can see what you'll get.

Once you’ve reserved, your spot in line is guaranteed, and I’ll contact you to schedule a time to get started. After we start, you’ll get your teardown report in about a week.

Reserve your spot now by paying onlineAfter payment, you'll get an email with next steps!

Want more?

The report itself is very valuable, but we can add to the value with a follow up screenshare and phone call. On the call, I'll outline all of my findings from the report and answer any questions you have. Calls are up to two hours, and I give you a recording of the call and/or screenshare afterwards.

I'll do the report and the follow up call together for $1,500.

Get the report and the followup callAfter payment, you'll get an email with next steps!

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About me

I’m Drew Thomas. For the last 13 years, I’ve run a website and digital marketing agency. I’ve worked with all kinds of brands in all different industries, and I’ve witnessed the entire transition into the digital marketing world and from websites-as-brochures to websites-as-tools.

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