May 4th 2017

Selfish Selling

Improving your sales process (for the buyer)

The best salespeople can sell anyone... if they can just get them on the phone.


Whether they charm buyers or wear them down, people give up more than they otherwise would, because it's hard (and often awkward) to process information and make decisions during a real-time conversation.

As a buyer that doesn't feel good.

Empathize with your buyer and their process. Just as you'd appreciate access to organized, relevant, and authentic information... on your time... so do the people you're selling to.

Selling, especially complex products or services, requires educating and convincing. Until recently, we didn't have a means to educate and persuade without direct human-to-human communication. Now we have websites, social media, automated email, personalization, influencer marketing, and other "non traditional" ways to sell. We can also track people all the way through the funnel across different touchpoints and know just what to say when.

The era of smooth talking salespeople is over. Today it's about:

1) Transparently demonstrating results

2) Inspiring action through psychology and intelligent user experience

3) Being timely

Make it easy for your buyers. Even if that's harder for you.

In other words, don't be selfish.


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