May 11th 2017

Website Tolls

What if we stopped charging tolls on our websites?

Every time you do something for yourself (instead of your visitors), you're charging a toll. Tolls don't need to be financial to be a burden.

Most of us don't realize we're constantly taxing our visitors. When you stop someone with an email sign up, they have to pause their own task and click "no thanks."

But they want your information. So they pay the toll.

What if all relevant information on a website was available ad-free, teaser link-less, and without email walls? What if you didn't have to sift through paragraphs of stuffed keywords or wait for ads to load?

Wouldn't you click the link to that site every time?

I know it's not 100% practical, but it's a great bar. Even falling short is better than today's status quo.