November 13th 2016

Amazon is One Type of Ecommerce

There's a big difference between shopping for toothpaste on Amazon and buying a Nest thermostat.

Amazon, like a department store or a grocery store, is optimized for browsing, comparing and upsells. Their setup is super useful and appropriate for things like toothpaste.

Nest's website, on the other hand, has a one-off "experience" for their thermostat. If you're buying a Nest for your home, you want to feel good about the product, the brand and what it stands for. It's a totally different kind of purchase.

When creating an ecommerce business, most people start with a Shopify store or use Magento out of the box. Both of these services, and 99% of other ecommerce services, are built for an Amazon-like experience.

Make sure that's the right move for your business and brand before you default to one of those services.


You may have noticed that, ironically, you can buy the Nest thermostat on Amazon... which illustrates my point perfectly. Screenshots below.

Nest on

Nest on