Basic Marketing Infrastructure for Websites

from Drew Thomas

Strengthen your website’s marketing foundation with the right snippets, pixels, and markup.

Webiste Marketing Infrastructure

Whether data-driven marketing is a priority or “you’ll get to it,” there is some basic infrastructure you need to track visitors and reach your audience after they leave your website. Start capturing that data now.

In addition, there are things you can do so that Google and search engines better present your business. It’s a “no brainer” way to stand out on search result pages.

I’ll set your site up for marketing success with...

Read below for more details on each piece.

When you’re ramping up a marketing campaign, it hurts to wait on data and audiences. I’ve been there. Now I set up a few key services on day one of every website I launch. That way I’m ready to hit the ground running if the idea takes off.

These services are valuable and necessary to any business, so I packaged them up, and I’m charging $500 for the entire setup and implementation. With good communication, it takes only a week to be up and running.

Basic Marketing Infrastructure for Websites
Get Started Now for $500

  • After paying, you’ll get an automatic email with a link to send some info.
  • I’ll also email you personally to introduce myself and to help you get any of the info you don’t have.
  • After that, I go into your website code and make the updates. I’ll leave you with some resources for what you can do with your new tools, and I’ll happily answer any questions!

I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t happy. I won’t argue.

A little more detail on each piece...

Google Analytics

We’ll create your Google Analytics account and add the Analytics snippet to your website.

Google Analytics is free and gives you amazing insight into what people do on your website and how they got there. The more historical data you have, the more insight you can gain, so why not start capturing visitor data today?

Facebook Pixel

We’ll set up your Facebook Ad account, add a Facebook pixel to your website, and create a retargeting audience.

Facebook can save an audience of people who’ve visited your website. Then it can create new audiences that “look like” people who’ve visited your site, but who don’t yet know you. The sooner you create an audience of website visitors, the larger it will be when you’re ready to advertise on Facebook. The larger it is, the more accurate “lookalike” audiences you can create, and the higher your ads will convert.

Google Remarketing

We’ll set up your Google AdWords account and add the remarketing code to your website.

Google, like Facebook, will also remarket to people who’ve visited your site.

Pinterest Domain Verification

We’ll add a Pinterest Domain Verification tag to your website.

Pinterest is a fast up-and-coming network, and getting your website verified puts your logo on any pins that come from your website. Even if someone else pins them. It also gives you analytics on pinned content from your website.

Schema Markup

We’ll implement Schema Markup.

Schema markup does not affect your website visually, but it highlights key bits of information in your code so that Google and crawlers can better classify and display your business’s information. For example, this is how Google knows business hours and displays them directly in search results.


Does this work on any website?

This stuff is universal and will work on any website. Most websites are built on common platforms (WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, etc), and they all accommodate the updates we’ll need to make. Custom websites or less popular platforms usually allow these types of changes, and I have the ability to get into the code and make base level changes if they don’t. In the unlikely event that I can’t make the necessary changes to your website, I’ll refund your money.

Will this change how my website looks?

Not at all. This is all “behind the scenes” technical stuff.

Will this affect my website load time?

Not noticeably, but the snippets and pixels add a tiny, tiny amount of load time. It’s worth it.

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