Yesterdays Weather

App and installable web app

Side project built to get some attention for Brolik.

Yesterdays Weather is a side project to solve a specific problem– I wanted to know the temperature relative to yesterday... a time I can remember.

Instead of “It’s 63°F,” Yesterdays Weather says “It’s 6 degrees warmer than yesterday.” The service compares the temperature, humidity, cloudiness and more to the same time one day earlier.

Yesterdays Weather iOS app, web app and concept

Yesterdays Weather Evolution

In 2013 I named, branded and built an iOS app. It’s still available in Apple’s app store, and there are people that use it every day, but in 2014 I built an updated, installable web app version at

The next version will use a chat interface, but it’s just a prototype until I find some time to code it. It will be fun to experiment with a conversational UI and some light AI stuff. The sentence format itself requires a bit of basic AI, but answering open ended queries well will be more challenging.